30 day Squat Challenge & 30 Day Crunch Challenge!

My little sister Gail told me about the 30 day squat challenge and I decided to do it along with the 30 day crunch challenge!

Here’s the printable calendars if you wanna take the challenge!


If you want better results try using weights.

30 day squat challenge

 30 day crunch challenge

Helpful items to get you started:

Good luck on your challenges!

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  • Makeupbyellli

    I’ve been so interested in this ever since you mentioned it in your vlogs! Im going to start this today! Thanks for the printable sheets =)

    • April

      You’re welcome! I just googled the pictures. It’s also all over Pinterest. :D

    • April

      You go girl!

  • Ai

    Yay! After watching your vlogs I’ve been super interested and I was just looking for these last night! Thanks so much for putting up the printable sheets :) Hopefully I’ll have a boyfriend by the end of the 30 days telling me how “not only does it feel firm, it looks firm..” (oh Justin hahaha)

    • April

      You’re very welcome!

  • joyce

    how do you do the crunches?sorry im no exercise expert

    • April

      You can find a video on YouTube on how to properly do crunches, search “how to do crunches”.

  • eni

    hi April i saw from you this day of challenge and iam going to start it today just waiting for my print to come :) i love you very much sorry for the bad english
    Eni from Tirana,Albania( i think you should google my country couse nobody knows of it,its the land of mother Theresa :) )

  • Jaz

    Hi April! Thank you for the post! How many reps do you do for the squat challenge?

  • Kate

    I’m so doing this from today !!

  • johana

    finnaly!!! I was trying to copy that from your videos hahaha
    thanks for sharing!!! ^o^

  • Leyla

    Hi april i stared to do this squat challange and now omg my thigh are so in pain i can even walk. But am going to do it all the way ^_^ untill im in 30 day

    • Jessica Moody

      I was sooo sore the first few days, walking killed me! I am on Day 7 now & it isnt so bad.. I recommend using Bengay or Icyhot, it has seemed to help me!

      • Annaliese Rebecca Day

        Im now day 17 and I cant see any difference I know im doing something right cause my muscles hurt and ache for while.

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  • Alex

    Im doing this too because you talked about it in your vlogs!! my legs are killing me!!

  • Michelle

    Hi! I was watching your vlogs (which I absolutely love by the way) and it really inspired me to do this so I started today on both challenges! I didn’t really understand what crunching meant (I’m Dutch) but I looked it up on google. But I do have a question, do you put your legs up or keep them down on the floor? :)

    • Pooja Mittal

      you have to keep them down on the floor, .. i have also started crunches and planks challenge today…. hop it works…


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  • Pooja Mittal

    thanks for sharing april….Im starting crunches and planks today…

  • Sarah

    Do the squats have to be done consecutively, or can they be spread throughout the day?

    • anon


    • jen

      Most directions say they can be spread thru the day….

    • disqus_nd1mYuXGOF

      All at the same time. You wouldn’t be excercising the muscles properly otherwise I’d have thought.

    • jackiek

      Ideally they would be done consecutively with no stopping at the top or bottom of the movement. You can take a 10 second rest at the half of the later days’ sets and be fine though

  • preeti

    Hi April!!!! I started from last week… It is working!!!!…Thanks a lot <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/kerstin.evertsson.5 Kerstin Evertsson

    I started both challenge around 10 days ago and I like the energi it gives me

  • SARA


  • http://twitter.com/Catamiiaou Maëva

    I’m definitely going to try this, I wanna reduce my cellulite too x) summer is coming! fight!!

    Have you heard about Blogilates? I tried to do her exercise,s it was terrible ^_^’ even walking was a real challenge after that…

  • Destiny

    Hi, so after you’ve finished the 30 day squat challenge, how many would you recommend to do daily to keep up the tonage?

  • caitlin

    how long does it take to see results?

    • jackiek

      Guessing from the title I would say… about 30 days.

    • Dawn Porter

      can also find loads of 30 day challenges here – http://www.30dayfitnesschallenges.com , including squat challenge! seems really good!

  • 91 StormVet

    Day Two with Weights! Complete! 45lb bar Day 1, 65lbs Day Two. Feeling Good!

  • T-Onami Jackson

    im going too do this so i can be summerTime fine

  • Stacey

    I am doing the squats. And started crunches but stopped crunches because I fell down stairs and bruised my ribs …can I restart the crunches with being on my 5th day on squats. I only did two days of crunches but doctor said I’m ok to start again

  • carol

    Wow, these are really tiny when I try to print the calendars. Is there a way to get a larger copy?

  • Michelle Coughlin

    I am on my sixth day and doing great! Do you do one rep or two per day?

  • Stacey

    Feeling great and loving it…I am going to continue this and want to know after the thirty days what reps should I do to maintain… Also I am going to start the insanity workout…has anyone done this workout video and can u tell me how hard it is…

  • Stuff Made By Me

    can also find loads of 30 day challenges here – http://www.30dayfitnesschallenges.com , including squat challenge! seems really good!

  • Stacey

    Day 7 and I am still feeling great doing them. It hurts now about thirty in and I stop a sec and start again until I get through them…lol

  • lolly

    do u do them both at the same time or seprate months??

  • disqus_MHyWKL9UCG

    I cant even begin to explain the physical problems i have with my body lol
    so hopefully this works!! :)

  • Jamara

    What do they mean by reset??? I’M confused

    • Kayla B.

      It says rest, not reset.

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  • Jamara

    Still confused about the reset

    • Joaleigh

      Jamara, it’s a rest day :)

  • cah31

    Challenge Accepted!!! :-)

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  • Livi

    Does it help with shaping the stomach? (I mean the squatting challenge)

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