Cute workout clothes delivered monthly, pv.Body!

I just got back from my heavenly Bora Bora vacation and one thing I know for sure happens when I go on vacation is I gain weight!  I don’t know how it happened but I managed to gain an extra five pounds within six days!  Okay I do know what happened, food and lack of my regular workout routine.  I blame the delicious  breakfasts, my new found love for Tahitian bread,amazing dinners and just vegging out on the ocean sand reading cheesy romance novels, but now it’s time to get back on TRACK! When  I returned home I ordered my workout gear from pvbody and my package arrived quickly!  My cute workout gear was a friendly reminder for me to get back into shape.    

pvbody is a monthly subscription for workout clothes customized just for YOU.  Every month you are delivered two pieces of quality workout gear top and bottom for only $39.95 and currently they are offering 20% off your first purchase!  This is an incredible deal because even shopping at Target for cheap workout clothes a sports bra is $20 and that doesn’t leave much more for workout bottoms so for $39.95 that is quite a STEAL to get a complete workout set top and bottom!  Also, yoga pants can go so high as to $100-$200!!! 
To figure out what type of surprise workout gear you get you first take a quick quiz answering your type of workout style, color preferences, sizing and patterns. 
Here are screen shots of some of the quiz questions:

Not to mention your pv.body package arrives in a cute pink bubble package and your clothes are wrapped in pink tissue paper, great presentation, I give pv.body extra stars for packaging!  

So here’s what came in my package.  I answered in the quiz that I love bright and bold colors and that’s exactly what I got!  Personally bright and bold colors cheer me up and just seeing the colors encourage me to get my workout on!
This NuxUsa infinity adjustable tback cami in midnight blue size XS fits perfectly!  There’s a lot of stretch to it!   
I went on the Nux site and as you can see the top alone is $45 but with pvbody you are getting the top and bottom for only $39.95!  Seriously what a DEAL!?
The American Apparel fitness pants sizeXS in cameo blue retails for $48.  
The top and bottom retails for $93!  That is a $53.05 saving for purchasing through pv.body! 

The American Apparel pants is high waisted and the thick band sucks in all my belly flab!  I was pretty impressed my stomach looked  smaller with these workout pants and that’s rare having IBS my stomach is always bloated!  This is exactly what I needed from my workout pants and hopefully with lots of time and working out it will look like that without the belly flattening fitness pants! 
The other perks shopping at pv.body is free shipping & returns! 

So many people make it their new year resolution to workout more.  Cute workout clothes helps but even better cute workout clothes delivered to your door reminds you every single month to get your workout on!  I love the concept of pvbody and I love that this monthly subscription site will encourage us all, give us that extra nudge to WORKOUT, get fit and most importantly stay HEALTHY!

The day I arrived from my vacation I got to it and cooked a healthy meal (recipe here):
I can not wait til next month to  receive my next cute workout outfit and with time I can’t wait to share with you if I inevitable lose the belly fat and thunder thighs! LOL!  

Til then, get yourself some workout gear!  Save 20% off your first purchase here

  • Sharina

    Ack! So sexy – I can only wish to have a body like yours after giving birth! :)


  • Kimberly Harker & Casey Erickson

    Thunder thighs?! Gack! I don't think so missy! You have great legs and a great figure!

  • Joel D

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